Stress and exercise

Stress and exercise

Modern lifestyle in combination with the demands of modern world are the main causes of stress experienced today. Exercise and physical activity in general, according to studies reduce the likelihood of disorders resulting from the stress and intensity. Many researchers attempting to explain welfare and changes in mood created by the exercise have developed several theories which are listed below.

According to the theory of endorphins, exercise causes the release of natural analgetics, known as endorphins, which are associated with positive mood changes. Another theory is that of self-esteem, which has been proven through research. According to this, exercise strengthens the sense of self-control in a person, making him able to cope with difficult situations. At first obtaining power and control over his body, and subsequently on his mind.

A third theory is the one of neurotransmitters. Regular exercise reduces the levels of adrenaline, noradrenaline, and cortisol hormones that are responsible for stress. It also increases the production of dopamine which is associated with relaxation. The theory of detachment believes, that exercise, offers a time out from our daily activities and take our mind off them. In combination with the euphoria it provides, relieves situations and allows the brain to reinterpret them differently.

Given the above and taking into account the devastating effects of stress on our health, we conclude that physical activity and exercise in particular can change the way we react and deal with situations. Exercise gives us more confidence, serenity and optimism to face difficulties and challenges of everyday life.


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