The role of self-esteem in an exercise program

The role of self-esteem in an exercise program

Recent studies found that the best way to determine whether someone will start a fitness program or not ,is the confidence he possesses. Often people with low self-esteem believe that they can not succeed and that others are better than them. Many times, however, individuals with high confidence can not properly perform the exercises, and it also happens the best trainees do not have faith in themselves. Abroad athletes undergo psychological education, which is equally important for their improvement in sports. Improvement of selfesteem has much to contribute to the initiation and adherence to a fitness program of the simple trainee.

There are some general rules that we can use, to improve our confidence. First we have to think differently. Our success does not have to compare with the success of others. It is necessary to have our own criteria, which should relate to our personal improvement. Comparison with others is not essential to be successful and can lead to low self-esteem. Our objectives should be small and achievable. The pursuit of very high goals can lead to frustration and complete surrender. On the other hand, if you set small goals each time, you gradually become self-confident and effective. For example, it is not necessary to run too long on the treadmill, when you first visit a gym, because the woman in the next treadmill runs half an hour. Gradually you will be able to increase your run time or walking time, if you do not get frustrated, trying to reach it, the first few days. An increase of a minute or two per week is a safe way and good way to increase your stamina.

Another important factor that improves self-esteem is the attempt to think and react positively, no negative ideas. When you participate in a sporting activity you should be thinking about how to improve and seek the advice of your trainer. Think you did well and what you can improve in the future. Avoid negative thoughts and criticisms about what you did bud and especially do not use negative terminology such as "I am useless I will never do it." Practise exercises that you like and you are good at. If you like cycling for example, exercise more on the bicycle. Avoid competition, if it is a problem for you. Some people like the competition, but others feel low self esteem. If this happens to you, find activities that are not competitive and are in nature, such as walking, swimming, slow jogging, which allow you to feel good about yourself. At last don’t forget exercising as much as you can, because “little is better than nothing”.


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