Treatment of stress through exercise

Treatment of stress through exercise

The stress we face in daily life and the way we handle it, has undoubtedly impact on our health. The speed of change enforced by the 20th century puts a strain on our strengths and leads to a different lifestyle. The stressful situations are multiple and need workaround. Perhaps there is no way to avoid them, but just learn to live with it and learn our limits. This means learning to distinguish the negative stimuli and learn how to treat them effectively. Proper diet and exercise are two natural ways, which have repeatedly proven through research that help manage stress. The exercise serves as a break from daily activities and leads to increased selfconfidence by improving our external appearance, which as you know is a stressor and cause of insecurity for many people. Most importantly, hormones which are secreted with exercise help govern our emotional and physical reactions to a stressful stimulus. The trainee has a better response to stress. The appropriate and proper exercise helps the modern man to release the stress and achieve physical relaxation.

To achieve the desired results it is important to choose the right activity, you would enjoy and fit with your routine and program. It is counterproductive to exercise under pressure and may bring the opposite results. Try walking, swimming, cycling and use help from a personal trainer, who can suggest appropriate exercises for you and make your exercise a pleasant break.

No matter what you do, choose the activity that suits you and please you and repeat 3 to 4 times a week. Stress will be reduced significantly by the first few weeks. The intensity of exercise should be in a level that you can adapt easily. Regular physical activity has the best results in treating stress, as has been observed in longterm programs.


Alexandra will lead you in her method which combines Yoga, SUP Yoga, Pilates, Healing Massage and Su Jok.

All have the aim to transform you and change the behavioural paterns into a better life style.

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