Ways to change our body shape

Ways to change our body shape

There are numerous factors that affect our physical condition. Physical activity is perhaps the most important of them. Everyone who participates in an exercise program, such as walking, light jogging, swimming and other activities, succeeds a high percentage of good physical condition and health. If your work all day sitting at a desk, exercise relieves pressure and offers you well-being. Apart from exercise, there are other factors, that affect our physical condition such as environmental and lifestyle choices we do. People in large cities, those who work at night and the daily interactions with our friends, can affect our physical condition. Very often there is a way to cope with bud influences. Do not eat a heavy meal in the restaurant, leave early in order to sleep early, prefer to drink a glass of white or red wine instead of heavy alcohol drink.

Age also has its role. After the age of 30 the body loses a percentage of muscle mass every year, when no physical activity is performed. The percentage of muscle mass converts into fat, when diet is poor and the person is not active. You can imagine that in the age of 40 or 50 the body image of an inactive person will have changed radically. It is a shame to lose our body shape when we have the opportunity to keep it fit and well shaped no matter our age.

Heredity largely determines our body. But it is wrong to believe that we are fat, because our father or our mother is. Turn the clock back and look at your dietary choices over the years, lifestyle and lack of exercise and movement in your body. There you will find the answer. Definitely for someone who has inherited predisposition things are much more difficult than others, but even in these cases he is responsible. The body of each of us is an integral part of our personality. In the same way we take care of our mind we must do the same for our body.


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