Body and mind

Body and mind

The relation between mind and body has been testified from the past. The ancient Greeks talk about it, imprinting the theory that both are necessary for the health and train their body with the same fervor that they educate their mind . The ancient representations around the world reveal that human movement and generally the strength of human body was thought to be very special for the humans who attain it. Similar point imprint in their documents and the ancient Hindu people which in fact go even deeper in the theory correlate them and for the first time they talk about the unity of the body and mind. Thus for the first time in history a new system of kinetic exercises is created and the purpose was the rising of human consciousness through the union of mind and body.

This system was named 'Yoga'. The word is coming from the sanskrit route" yung" which means union. Yoga has an effect in the human being and as it has been proved over the centuries people who train Yoga believe that it is the science of movement. The" asanas "(that’s how the movements are called) invented and used have the effect of awakening the trainee . In my opinion (Alexandra)it is a system of protection of the human kind…

The first steps in Yoga are about our daily routine. The human body becomes stronger , it detoxifies . Also Yoga releases the body parts that are blocked. That’s the reason that the asanas that are used sometimes are characterized complicated. Through the different synthesis of the asanas, body parts that are not used in daily routines of ours are released and blood circulation is increased, we say that when you train Yoga you circulate the blood from the head to the toes. In the same way oxygen is running through out the body . Blocked Nerves , bad blood circulation and bad oxygen transportation , metaforically are called blocked energy, that’s what Yoga releases and health is restored.

Through out the body there are scattered energy channels , the Nadis ,as there are called in Yoga. In acupuncture the same channels are called meridians and in anatomy are called neurons. Yoga restores their health and much more it creates new channels called synapsis . This happens when our body does a movement for the first time . When it repeats the movement it creates a new movement pattern and a new synapsis in his neurons. The new kinetic synapsis has an effect in the brain function and it is tranffered in the way we think also.

In the same time with the asanas we breath in according with each movement. We learn different breathing techniques. The reason is that except good oxygenation we connect the body with the mind . When we breath the right way then we create stillness of mind. The thoughts stop on our head we connect the inner self, which existis only in the present. Furious thoughts go and we become calm and enjoy the present because only in the present we can be happy. Future creates anxiety and past other feelings that does not help. Only when we stay in the present moment with awareness we can really enjoy life .

The breathing techniques in Yoga we call them "pranagyama". Is very important that the breath is connected with the movement otherwise it not called Yoga.

From the above is perceived the role that movement has on rising the human being in a spiritual existence. After the first stage of energy kai functional cleansing of the body there comes the observation. We become observers of are human body. The base of the observer is located on our forehead and is called in Sanskrit "boudi". We observe the body, the respiration even our thoughts. This technique is called "pratyachara" and is common meditation.

On higher levels of Yoga the new neuronal synapsis in conjunction with breath and meditation , meaning control of thoughts, make possible the connection of conscious with the subconscious and create the superconscious . The conscious is the one that we mostly use. It provides reactions in the present time . The trainee learns first to observe the present moment and becomes as much as possible conscious in the class, as he or she observes the body , the breath in the asanas of yoga class.

As time goes by, the body does the asanas mechanically with the subconscious and the student brings past experience in the class. The subconscious has to do with past experiences that we project the present , in order to handle a new situation that resembles with the past.

The subconscious in usually in latent situation in the human being and acts impulsive and mechanically in the human reactions. In Yoga we learn to control the subconscious , meaning our past experiences and we use it for information that we need from the past, but we do it always under the control of the conscious. With this way the trainee learns to connect the conscious with the subconscious and the asanas are designed wise to produce exactly this result. He uses this tools for his advandage and produces higher results in his acts and his ,her daily routine. He is no more impulsive and becomes 100% conscious. In higher levels of skill the trainee comes into the superconscious. He or she has the ability to predict the future, learn about facts that nobody told him or her about, even have charisma and heal people.

A man that used to have these skills was old " Paisios" who trilled with his prophecies all of as. So Yoga is a therapeutic method for the body when that hurts and suffers ,but on higher levels of trainee, is a science of movement that conducts in the evolution of the man and awakening of conscious.


Alexandra will lead you in her method which combines Yoga, SUP Yoga, Pilates, Healing Massage and Su Jok.

All have the aim to transform you and change the behavioural paterns into a better life style.

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