The importance of correct body posture

The importance of correct body posture

Entering a gym the majority of people asks for flat abs, a reduction of buttocks, beautiful shoulders and a well shaped chest. The reality unfortunately is not so simple. The modern lifestyle enforces us daily in immobility and sedentary behaviour. Surveys have highlighted that each of us will stall at least once in his life from back pain. Thus the primary job of a good trainer should be to design a program, that will have as primary intention to correct a wrong posture and aesthetics should come in second place. We should focus on balanced workout and not the creation of massive muscle against correct posture, leading to deformation of the body of trainees. Exercises with wrong technique can cause back pain and injuries.

Here I will present the correct posture and problems that may arise from a wrong technique. According to Professor Athanasopoulos correct posture is characterized as one where exists muscular and skeletal balance, in order to protect the supportive structures of the body from injury and mechanical deformations and is retained when the line of gravity passes through the points shown in the photo. Standing up, head must be located directly above the trunk, chest up, belly flat and knees slightly bent. Also, the line passes through the bodies of the lumbar and cervical vertebrae, the hip joint and 5 cm in front of the ankle joint. Deviations from these points have resulted in wrong postures, such as kyphosis, lordosis, increased anterior tilt of the pelvis, relaxed posture, flat waist and scoliosis. Each one of them involves an excessive load in some parts of the spine and if extending over long periods creates chronic problems such as lumbar and cervical pain.

The problems of poor posture treated with exercise. According to current data bud posture is the result of shortening of some muscles and straining of others and in the same time weakness of the straining muscles in a way that it deforms the spine and forces her to deviate from the line of gravity. So with good knowledge of anatomy of muscles and their role in the movement of the human body, we can strengthen the weak muscles and strain the shorten muscles to correct alignment.

People who have back pain and general posture problems, should avoid sudden and uncontrolled movements in hyperextension of the lumbar spine, twisting and lateral movements, weight which forces the spine to curve and last lifting loads with incorrect technique.

Sava Tokmakidis after research states that when lifting a weight of 50kg, pressure that drops in the 5th lumbar vertebra reaches 90 kg in the standing position, increases to 360kg during the trunk flexion to 150 degrees, 630kg when flexion to 120 degrees and 720kg when bend over 90 degrees.

Therefore, when lifting a load it is a good idea to have your knees bent, back straight and hold the object close to the body. Right choice of exercises and proper execution may lead to the strengthening of the body and help you feel good.


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