Physical exercise reduces death risk

Physical exercise reduces death risk

Improving the cardiovascular, musculoskeletal system, psychology and anti-aging. Similar studies have been investigating the effect of physical activity in reducing the risk of death, expressed in energy costs. The above figure of Paffenberger & Olsen makes the relationship of calories consumed with physical activity and mortality. Observe that for every 500 extra calories lost in physical activity the rate significantly reduces. Greater reduction happens when energy expenditure is from 2000 to 2500 calories. This means that someone burning 2000 calories weekly exercising halves the risk, in comparison to someone doing sedentary life.

The biggest benefit according to research has been observed by those who lead a sedentary life and then begin to exercise regularly. Also lifelong exercise is more effective. It should be noted that consumption of more than 3000 calories increases injury and lowers the rate to 19%.

In conclusion we could say that exercise contributes a lot to health on the level that each of us can participate. As shown by research moderate-intensity exercise, 3 times a week is the best choice. In this way, we protect our health, wellbeing, feel euphoric, avoid injuries, overwork and succeed regular attendance in fitness programs the whole year.


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