Exercise and woman

Exercise and woman

Middle-aged women often experience changes in the body, levels of hormones and lifestyle. All these changes have evident impact on the lives of women of 40 years old.

Characteristic is the increase in body weight. Some scientists argue that changes in weight have to do with hormonal changes, while others disagree and consider the reduction of the muscle responsible for the increase of weight. It is known that muscles that have been trained consume more energy and thus increase metabolism and burn more calories. Thereby women, who continue to exercise, keep their metabolism steady, reducing the likelihood of increasing their weight. Exercise helps prevent and treat depression, which often face at these ages, when combined with appropriate treatment.

Problems of anxiety, irritability, insomnia and loss of loved ones, often are defused with exercise and then treated with more confidence and composure. Exercise helps you look and feel better at any age. The middle-aged women show amazing growth of self-esteem when participating in fitness programs. They feel stronger physically and spiritually.

The density of bone in the female population of this age especially after menopause begins to decline. In extreme cases, this leads to osteoporosis. Exercises such as walking, jogging, puts weight pressure on the bones and reduce the chances of this happening.

If you first start an exercise program or making major changes to the existing one, is good to consult your doctor and a qualified trainer to make sure that the fitness program addresses the specific health needs you have, your goals and your lifestyle. If possible try to do strength-training exercises twice a week and aerobic exercise at least three. Remember to do stretching exercises before and after the program.

It is important to enjoy the exercise and feel good during and afterwards.


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