Exercise and body fat

Exercise and body fat

Summer is approaching and we would all like to go to the beach with a well-shaped and beautiful body. A key feature of a healthy body is low fat. The range is from 10% to 20% of fat for men and from 17% to 28% for women. These rates are even lower in athletes. Increasing levels of fat that occurs in adults over time is called rampant obesity, and usually leads to weight gain about half pound per year or one pound per year.

To prevent and reduce the percentage of fat in our body it is advisable to exert a regular and consistent aerobic exercise such as jogging, cycling and swimming, which are ideal for reducing fat. We should also attach great importance to the intensity of exercise. According to recent research of Coyle and Martin, when we exercise with moderate intensity our body uses as fuel, 80% fat and 20% carbohydrates. High intensity is just the opposite, fat consumption is decreased to 25%. The determination of the intensity of exercise is not something simple and is often overestimate or underestimate and in this case is appropriate to consult a trainer. Concerning the duration of exercise should be between 30 to 60 minutes.

Along with these we must not forget our diet. It is necessary to reduce the consumption of fat and we all pretty much know which foods are rich in it. Remember that even if you don’t eat food rich in fat, excess calories, are stored as fat.

Reduced fat in our body is directly related to the reduction of cholesterol and proper cardiac function. So we should do our best to reduce fat, in order to feel well and be healthy.


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