What is your body fat percentage

What is your body fat percentage?

Health and our external appearance is directly related to body fat percentage available to our body. The so-called essential fat is necessary for maintaining health. It regulates body temperature and provides part of the main nutrients such as vitamins. Unlike the non-essential fat that accumulates with excessive calorie intake is associated with degenerative diseases of our days. Specifically, the fat in the abdominal area, has been associated in studies with cardiovascular disease in men. Women accumulate fat on the buttocks and forms the famous “pear shape”. When there is low fat, below 10% in women, they may experience amenorrhea and risk of bone loss (osteoporosis). In athletes low fat values are marginal and as long as they do not have other symptoms such as bone loss, or frequent injuries are acceptable. On the other hand, fat content above 30% is considered an indication of obesity.

There are many ways to evaluate the fat of our body. The measurement of the dermic folds, bioelectric conductivity and measurement of body circumferences are some of those which have sufficient objectivity.

The BMI is a more reliable method. However, it is possible to classify people with great muscle mass in the wrong place. It is used in the following way:

Assessment Scale Body Mass Index
Obese 30
Low < 17

  1. Square our height in meters. (Multiplied by itself)
  2. Divide price we got to our weight.
  3. Use scale of assessment for BMI,
    BMI = Mass (Kg)⁄Height(m) * Height(m)

We can reduce fat, with a diet low in fat. We should reduce the excessive consumption of red meat and avoid processed meat such as bacon and sausages, also use dairy products low in fat and minimize consumption of sweets. These combined with a fitness program and exercise is the best way to reduce fat and confront obesity in general.


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