10 tips for a healthy diet

10 tips for a healthy diet

Every day routine does not allow many people to make a healthy diet. The women work every day and the demands of work continually increase, thus people work exhausting hours. Nevertheless, nutrition will always be the most important component of our health. It is enough to take a look around see people suffer and we will understand the importance and its necessity. A proper diet increases productivity and protects us from incurable diseases. However which are the components of a healthy diet? First of all, the products are coming straight from the garden, such as fruits and vegetables and not from a supermarket shelf. Also we should use clean products without chemical additives and treatments. Such are the organic products coming from animal or plant origins. “Clean ingredients” refers to washing these foods to eliminate dust, microbial and chemicals. Furthermore, we must choose products that grow the time season and place, we are every time because in other products we can not know the chemicals, which are added to the production and transportation.

Another element of a healthy diet is the nutritious ness of food. This means that our diet should meet the requirements for vitamins, minerals, amino acids and fatty acids that our body needs to function properly. You need variety and rotation of food to avoid possible deficiencies in nutrients, possible sensitize of the body system which will result in the creation of allergies to certain foods.

The combination of foods is also very important. Proteins and carbohydrates should not be eaten in the same meal, on the other hand protein and vegetables, starch and vegetables are a good combination. You should not consume more than one type of proteins at once. Fruits should be eaten alone or with other fruits. Long-term balanced diet is very important. The protein should not exceed 20%, fats also vary around 20% and 60% carbohydrates. One last basic rule is related to the quantity of food. Normally, when we follow the above rules, we do not face episodes of gluttony and a reasonable amount of food is enough to satisfy us. The greed and excess food happens, when we are in a diet low in nutrients, such as processed foods (bacon), excess fat, protein and sugar full. It is essential to understand that, if properly nourished, hunger is reduced and losing pounds happens slowly and steadily. Make the right diet and lifestyle choices and you will gain long term benefits, which will result in health and wellness.


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