From Aerobic to Yoga

From Aerobic to Yoga

Ten years ago most people went to the gym to gain the perfect body and attend an aerobic program. Current studies abroad show people all over the world are looking for a more holistic approach to exercise. People begin to overemphasize emotional well-being and peace that results from a workout opposed external physical appearance.

It should be clear that most fitness programs lead to wellbeing, the difference lies on the emphasis given on external results opposed to internal feelings. An exercise program with the philosophy of 1980s “no pain, no gain” would have bud impact with the pressure we face in everyday life. The focus should be on how you feel. Feeling comfortable in a program or that program is too demanding for the level you are now? Did you decide to stop?

The failure is partly the lack of connection to ourselves and to a comprehensive philosophy. We should try something because we like it, enjoy and try to adopt a better lifestyle for ourselves, not because the neighbour told us that this gym is trendy and that exercise will make us nice arms.

This is the reason that forms of yoga-type exercise are becoming increasingly popular. A principle of yoga is to do each exercise until the point where you feel comfortable. This principle is opposite to the philosophy of aerobics as mentioned above. In Yoga focus is on breathing. Let us not forget that the regulation of breath has a lot to do with tension, anxiety and stress we feel at times. And perhaps many of us have forgotten to breathe properly. Finally, yoga is full of stretching exercises, which result in relaxing the body and unblock areas with accumulated strain. We should not forget meditation is widely used abroad and aims to relax and calm the mind. Also Yoga includes a philosophy about nutrition. In short, it is about a comprehensive program, a complete way of life.

Despite of this, it is not necessary everybody does yoga to feel this way. Fitness program with the appropriate exercises for your level and your needs, proper breathing and lots of stretching at the end of the program and in between, can make you feel refreshed. Never forget a healthy diet and sleep well enough. The aim should be to dedicate to the program and get on to yourself, leaving the problems and anxieties behind, and in this way adopt a new lifestyle. Be sure that with the right program results will come with time, but don’t focus only on external results, because there is a big eventuality you stop training. Becoming aware of the above facts will surely make you feel refreshed, strong and surely with greater mood for life.


Alexandra will lead you in her method which combines Yoga, SUP Yoga, Pilates, Healing Massage and Su Jok.

All have the aim to transform you and change the behavioural paterns into a better life style.

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