Pyramid of physical activity

Pyramid of physical activity

We all know or have heard about the food pyramid which gives information on food and the ratio we should consume each product. In the similar way there is the pyramid of physical activity referred to the kinetic action, each person should carry out for the improvement of health, wellness and wellbeing. Many people often ask “which is the best activity for me”? The answer is given through the pyramid. If we want better outcomes for health and wellbeing we have to perform activities from all four levels of the pyramid. The only exception is the second level of the pyramid, where sporting activity may be replaced by aerobic activity when we are older. For children, however, we should prefer sports, because they learn to cooperate and compete, while socializing. On the base of the pyramid are the activities carried out more frequently and by most of people. These activities are mild and in this way even people who are sedentary can participate in it.

On the third level of the pyramid, are flexibility exercises, and power exercises which are also necessary. The first broaden the range of motion of joints, protect us from injuries and carry away the lactic acid from the muscles. Power exercises, strengthen the muscular system, protect us, and stabilize our joints, in order to perform work with weight safely and protect the internal organs. At the top of the pyramid is inactivity. Long periods of inactivity should be avoided. It is good to rest a few hours of the day and complete 8 hours of sleep at night, in order to have enough energy and feel well during the day and when participating in a fitness program. The pyramid should not be applied too strictly. We must bear in mind, that each person is unique and has his own needs and limitations. These must be taken into account by the trainer when designing a fitness program. When looking the pyramid most people, stay with the impression, it is not impossible to perform all these activities and reject the pyramid. You have to keep in mind that the pyramid contains the appropriate activities, and the ratios that these should be performed. This fact does not mean that you should perform all of them. You can also choose, to perform more often those you like and need more, while execute the others using very low intensity. "To do something is better than nothing" is a saying that applies in this case.


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