Starting an exercise program

Starting an exercise program

Exercise is synonymous with entertainment and health and is safe for most people. Apart from this fact, when starting an exercise program, we should keep in mind the following. If you are a man over 40, or women over 50, you should be medical tested before you start an exercise program. It is necessary, the trainee to complete a questionnaire at the gym before starting. Afterwards the trainer will refer to a doctor before starting the program, if necessary.

When you start the program you need to consider whether your clothes are appropriate for your participation in it. Sportswear should be comfortable so as not to restrict movements and porous, to allow the evaporation of sweat. Is it wrong to wear clothes that are often advertised on television, that promote weight loss through sweat entrapment. The body can not breathe and is dangerously heating up. The evaporation of sweat is the body's mechanism to create a sensation of coldness and continue the exercise.

The shoes used during the exercise should be suitable for the exercise. Characteristics of a good athletic shoe is the following. It should be light, the foot should be able to breath, therefore, be porous and to be elevated 2-3 points in the heel is anatomically right. It should also be half size larger than your everyday shoes to be comfortable. The socks are also essential to avoid the odor, blisters, abrasions, and finally damage of shoes.

When we practice outside the gym, and the temperature is low with air, it is good the exercise time to be shortened or postponed. You should also wear light clothing in several layers and a porous windproof, preventing the air to reduce body temperature, while at the same time allow the release of heat. It is advisable to wear gloves in hands and a hat for the ears and head, and put a little Vaseline on the nose and ears to avoid frostbite.

The exercise in the city also has its disadvantages. The pollutants such as ozone, which is the reaction of sunlight in fuel gas and carbon dioxide caused by petroleum, gasoline and smoke can cause headaches, coughing and eye irritation. When levels of ozone and carbon monoxide are very high, it is advisable to postpone the exercise, or exercise indoors, early in the morning or late afternoon. When exercise takes place in high altitude, you should know that respiration rate and heart rate increases due to low pressure oxygen. Adaptation requires 2 weeks and is completed after several months. The water intake in these cases should be adequate.

Best wishes for a fun and safe workout.


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