Ageing process

The constant exposure to chemicals and deficiencies in the daily diet accelerate the aging process. We need good quality food, proper functioning of the digestive system to digest food, proper absorption of nutrients and finally good elimination of useless excreta. In short, these functions ensure long-term health and slow down the aging process.

A holistic approach to exercise

Exercise should be addressed in a more holistic way, like the way it happened to medicine in our days. There is no use to treat the symptom, without taking into account the reasons that caused it and prevent it from happening in the future. In the scope of the prior thought exercise is a valuable tool.

What is Yoga

Yoga is a system of exercises and other methods first appeared 5000 years ago. The word yoga comes from Sanskrit root “Yug” which means union. The purpose of the method is exactly the union of physical, energetic, intellectual, mental, and spiritual existence of human, and the understanding of unity that governs our world and the universe.

10 tips for a healthy diet

Every day routine does not allow many people to make a healthy diet. The women work every day and the demands of work continually increase, thus people work exhausting hours. Nevertheless, nutrition will always be the most important component of our health.

Reasons to start an exercise program

Too often we hear people to praise the benefits of regular physical activity and fitness in particular. Surely you wonder if it's really worth sweating so much, wasting your valuable time and spend your money to exercise. The answer is yes and the number of people who start an exercise program for pleasure, for health and beauty is increasing and comes to confirm that fact.

What is your body fat percentage

Health and our external appearance is directly related to body fat percentage available to our body. The so-called essential fat is necessary for maintaining health. It regulates body temperature and provides part of the main nutrients such as vitamins.

Physical exercise reduces death risk

Improving the cardiovascular, musculoskeletal system, psychology and anti-aging. Similar studies have been investigating the effect of physical activity in reducing the risk of death, expressed in energy costs. The above figure of Paffenberger & Olsen makes the relationship of calories consumed with physical activity and mortality.


Alexandra will lead you in her method which combines Yoga, SUP Yoga, Pilates, Healing Massage and Su Jok.

All have the aim to transform you and change the behavioural paterns into a better life style.

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