Nutrition and bad habits

Nutrition and bad habits

It happens to everyone, to be invited at a fiesta where food is abundant and temptations plenty. It is normal in such circumstances to eat more than usual, but many of us have raised the levels of satiation, thus requiring large amounts of food to feel saturation. The poor quality of food has resulted in a lack of nutrients, a fact that can lead to excessive quantities of food. Also, stress and general psychological reasons can lead us in the same result. The fact is, that regardless the causes of these episodes, this is a bad habit that leads to obesity, with all the consequences thereof. Choose foods that you will consume with criterion a good body weight and do not expect to feel like nothing else fits in your stomach in order to stop eating. Nobody wants to be obese, why everybody wants to eat this way! Make the right choice and you will be rewarded. Remember the famous saying "we are what we eat!"

It is also essential to learn to face the stress, sadness, frustration, depression and other bad feelings in other ways than food. Do not use food as a way out for feelings and thoughts that worry you. The problem will not be solved if you empty the bowl of nuts. Go for a walk with your friends, exercise to externalise and to relieve the bad feelings.

Use the feeling of hunger to guide your appetite, along with a diet plan from a consultant. If you have some extra weight, reduce the quantity of food intake and just add to your diet, foods rich in nutrients. Reject foods that offer nothing called “junk food”. To maintain a balanced diet and therefore a balanced lifestyle we must learn to face our emotions in other ways than food. The food is not the way to show joy or pleasure.

Many who are overweight tend to say, when trying to justify their pounds: "food for me is pleasure”. In my opinion this is not the case in reality, because the fact is that fattening foods usually have been processed by cooking and have additives that cause the loss of primal taste of the product. The flavour is mutant. Unlike light cuisine retains its original substances on nutrients and allows you to taste the real flavours. The real pleasure of food, therefore, is to light cuisine, and certainly is not fattening.


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