Reasons to start an exercise program

Reasons to start an exercise program

Too often we hear people to praise the benefits of regular physical activity and fitness in particular. Surely you wonder if it's really worth sweating so much, wasting your valuable time and spend your money to exercise. The answer is yes and the number of people who start an exercise program for pleasure, for health and beauty is increasing and comes to confirm that fact. It is undeniable that exercise is preventive and therapeutic according the findings of multiple investigations around the world.

According to the American Medical Association people who spent 2000 kilocalories per week exercising are reducing death risk in half compared to those, who have a sedentary lifestyle. Below we will analyze some of the beneficial effects of exercise and answer the question why we should exercise.

The effects of exercise on cardiovascular strength and health are multiple. The heart that is physically fit suffers much less stress than a normal heart. It is estimated that moderate trained heart saves 15,000 beats per day, in a month half a million, in a year about six million beats. This saving pulse corresponds to 48 days off per year! Thanks to this economy and lower blood pressure the work of the heart is reduced. In addition to regular physical activity the level of blood lipids is reduced including cholesterol and LDL (bad cholesterol) while increasing the good cholesterol HDL who has the capacity to gather the LDL and transfer it to the liver where eliminated from the body. It also delays the development of atherosclerosis and the risk of heart attack. It increases the oxygen carrying capacity of blood and concentration of oxygen in the brain, thus reducing the risk of stroke. Addition reduces the likelihood of diabetes II in adults and improves quality of life for people with diabetes type I. Beneficial effects of exercise on physical appearance and the psychological field is also known. Reduces body fat and increases muscle mass, thereby improving a lot appearance, correct posture and deformities such as kyphosis and scoliosis. It helps fight obesity and increases independence and confidence, while reducing the likelihood of depression. It improves mood and create a sense of wellbeing. It makes humans feel inner fullness, balance, confident and gives momentum to face with optimism the difficulties, hardships and challenges that restrict everyday life.

It is known that muscle atrophy, due to immobility and hypertrophy when used. In particular after the age of 30 years old the human body loses a small amount of muscle mass every year. This process of countdown, it is possible with muscular workout, to be reversed. In the same time if we raise Body Mass Index, the metabolism of the body accelerates, because larger muscles require more food. When body muscles are strong and evenly fit, we minimize the chances of injury to the muscles and joints. At the same time a fit person performs better, has faster restoration after hard work and is less absent from work due to illness. Large companies abroad, are aware of this fact and incorporate in their facilities gyms. Beneficial effects of exercise reduce the chances of chronic diseases, such as colon cancer, reproductive system and breast cancer. Also the effect of exercise on osteoporosis is crucial. Strengthens bones by increasing the density during growth and maintains the same level during grown and advanced age, preventing osteoporosis and fractures.

Recent research findings have shown that reduced functionality of the body system during the aging is not due to biological degeneration, but is the effect of sedentary life and mobility limitation. Regular exercise, especially aerobic, results in an organic rejuvenation 10 to 15 years. The exercise not only adds years to life, but also gives life to years. Therefore it must become a daily habit, become LIFESTYLE.


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